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Disable disk space monitoring for virtual disks


I've been using EventSentry Light for a long time, and a while ago started using the disk space monitoring capabilities. This worked well (as expected) until a couple months ago, when an update to either EventSentry or my backup software (BackupAssist) caused me to start receiving disk space alerts for virtual disks, e.g.,

  E:\BackupAssistData\v11\temp\hzb1ahaw\ () on host [host] is below the configured limit of 204800 Mb. 158156 Mb of disk space are currently available on drive E:\BackupAssistData\v11\temp\hzb1ahaw\.

The physical volume E: has 1.4TB free, and I want to know when it is down to 200GB free. I don't need or want to know about the free space on a virtual disk managed by my backup software.

I updated to the latest v4.2.3.136 rev14 but the issue remains.

How can I tell EventSentry Light to ignore virtual disks?


Hi JW,

This doesn't sound like an issue in EventSentry but expected behavior. Even though the disk may be virtual, it must be presented to the OS as a fixed drive, since EventSentry's disk space monitoring only monitors fixed disks. I suspect that something was changed either in BackupAssist or its configuration.

If you are only monitoring one host with EventSentry Light, then it would be pretty to exclude that drive from being monitored. In the management console, navigate to Packages - System Health and in the ribbon set the filter to "Disk Space".

Then, simply review each applicable package there and change the setting of "Monitor all fixed drives" to "Monitor only select drives" and specify the drives you want to monitor on the right hand side.

You can also exclude the alerts with an event log exclude filter, but just changing the disk space configuration in the first place is a little easier.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need more specific instructions, thank you!

Hi Ingmar,

Thanks for your reply (and for making EventSentry Light available!)

I should have mentioned that I have already enabled disk space monitoring only for selected drives (C: and E:) on a single host. The E: drive is a physical drive, and I do want to get alerts for it, which will look like

"Free disk space for drive E:\ () on host [xxx] is below the configured limit..."

But free space on a virtual drive mounted (as a different drive letter, or no letter) from a VHD file in "E:\BackupAssistData\v11\temp\hzb1ahaw" shouldn't be treated the same as free space on the E:\ drive. It looks like EventSentry may be treating as drive X: any mount point that starts with "X:\" while I think it should only be considering a mount point that is just "X:\". Or at least there should be an option to have this behaviour.

Thanks for the suggestion of the event log filter - I hadn't thought of that as a workaround, but presumably I can exclude alerts for 10501 and 10551 events that include something after the "E:\". But I would prefer to not have the events logged at all.


Hi JW,

My apologies, it looks like I missed that detail about the mount point. You are correct, EventSentry does now monitor mount points (this was actually a feature request from a customer), and unfortunately there is currently no way to turn this off. I do see how this may not be desirable however, so please feel free to submit a feature request in the "Feature Requests" forum.

For the time being you would need to create an exclusion event log filter, you could add an event log filter that simply looks for something like *E:\BackupAssistData* for example.

I hope this helps, and thank you for posting your question and participating in our community!


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