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Integrate with Microsoft LAPS

Are there any plans to integrate with Microsoft LAPS? This would allow us to use the local admin account for upgrades, etc., without creating a new one, but still use the security of LAPS. Does that make sense?

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Support for LAPS has not yet been added to EventSentry, but we will bump this up in the priority list. I'll see that we do some initial testing to determine the feasibility and we will provide an update after. Please also use the VoteUp feature to indicate interest in any past feature requests.

Thank you!

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the suggestion, yes this does make sense. We'll have to review the API documentation from LAPS to see if this is a possibility. This is not something we've looked into before.

I'd also like to point out that utilizing local administrative rights is not necessary when using the EventSentry collector service (except for the initial installation), are you using the collector service?

Thank you.

We do use the collector, I guess I was thinking more about the installation. Thanks! Love the product.

I was wondering if this has been added to event sentry yet? 

Would be great to have these in place. 

You can easily get this information as it is from the AD computer attribute and you can easily get it using powerfully script. I would just recommend if you imement this into your existing siem for eventsentry that you run it once every few hours against a domain controller

It sounds like Chris was looking to integrate this into the management console, for the purpose of pushing the configuration and/or deploying agents. As such, we would pull the password from AD every time computers managed by LAPS are accessed, we wouldn't need to run it on a regular basis.

If you are looking for something else then please let us know.

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