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Data classification

Hi With compliance being an issue having an easy way to detect where your classified files are using reporting, etc would be helpful. Microsoft has built in classification people can input on each file. If you folks would be able to find this information and allow people to use the web reporting tool to view this information would save people from having to use other third party tools to get this information.

Could you provide us with an example of where and how you would like to use the data classification feature in EventSentry web reports? I'm assuming you'd be looking to filter on the "Access Auditing" report?

If you right click on any file there is a classification tab which people can add information to. If you could crawl the file server and check all files if this tab is populated with information, it would store it in a database and you can report on it.

Would be nice to set this on a schedule to run for example once a month so it something changed, added or deleted it would update the information in the DB and would keep a history of it.

Thank you, I think I understand what you are looking for now. This is the first time this feature was requested, so I can't promise that this will make it into the product in the near future.

We may integrate this with our FIM component though, which is already looking at a lot of other metadata of files (version, size, signature, entropy). I suspect that it would not be too difficult to also add a file classification there, and then we could probably add this much sooner.

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