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Duplicate Event Log Search Filters

The Event Log Search filters in the web reports present multiple duplicates for a few search options. For example, when 'Log' is chosen, we are presented with three (3) 'System' options to choose. The same is for "Type". There are nine (9) 'Error', two (2) 'Information', and nine (9) 'Warning'.

We're unsure if this is causing various events to not be queried based on the one of many different filters chosen or not. Is there a way to get these duplicates cleaned up.


First, we wanted to apologize for any trouble this has caused. 

What version of EventSentry are you running? How long has this been an issue? If you restart the EventSentry web reports service, does this resolve the issue or do you still see the duplicates? 


We are on version Build 36092 (Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019) but this was seen before upgrading earlier this year. I believe the version we were on before upgrading was (Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016).

No restarting services doesn't resolve this behavior as it gets patched and rebooted monthly.

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